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A digital wallet inspired by you, designed for your convenience.

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The PrimeKeeper app is designed for your peace of mind. Store your identification documents securely with PrimeID and whip out your phone to make payments on-the-go with PrimePay.

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Total control in your hands

Manage and securely share your personal digital identification documents with parties that require them. Take total control over your identification document – send it out only when you want to! Use PrimeID to strengthen your digital identity credibility in the marketplace.

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Secure payments made easy

A feature-packed PrimePay with the ability to link to our Partner Banks! Designed with your user-experience in mind, PrimePay takes care of your daily transaction needs. Send money to a loved one, request money from the friend who owes you from lunch, make payments for your purchases – think ‘e-payments for all’!