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This is Us!

Your convenience. Your peace of mind. That, is what PrimeKeeper is all about. A Malaysian FinTech company focused on designing mobile experience to bring convenience into your daily life, we aim to make PrimeKeeper a lifestyle choice. Your user-experience is what counts ergo every feature we design is intuitive, simple and intelligent.

We want to empower people connection through innovative customer-centric solutions. Using what you have with you everyday, your mobile phone, let’s shape the digital wallet experience together.

Our Story

Scratched our heads

The speed at which digital payments are quickly assimilating itself into people’s daily lives made us think – how do we create a better and superior digital lifestyle experience that everyone (in Malaysia-lah) can relate to?

Had a lightbulb moment!

We looked at what we had before us as an opportunity to make a difference. We decided that creating trust in the marketplace is of the utmost importance. We want to connect our PrimeBanks (Partner Banks) to you in a way that is so personal and relevant that you will feel confident dealing with digital payments. At that very moment, the PrimeKeeper digital wallet was born.

Rolled with it!

We put our noses to the grindstone, pushed ourselves, connected all the dots, filled in all the blanks, dotted all the i’s, crossed all the t’s and WE HAVE IT!! All the folks at PrimeKeeper are truly committed to this journey and we hope to inspire you to move forward with us into the age of digital convenience.



Bring lifestyle convenience. Inspire change and empower people connection through innovative customer-centric solutions. Think agile and be exceptional.



Creatively design the best mobile experience. Make it personally relevant and so intelligent that it fills the need.